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Did you run your marathon like that?
It was so much easier for the training, ‘cause, really sweaty, y’know. So much easier just to wash the hair - half the time! I’m probably lighter as well.
I’m assuming one kind of turn was probably a lot easier and the other turn was, like, a huge draft.
Aerodynamic, yeah!

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Harry potter + Dark & Light.
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I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.

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With a single stroke Neville sliced off the great snake’s head, which spun high into the air, gleaming in the light flooding from the entrance hall, and Voldemort’s mouth was open in a scream of fury that nobody could hear, and the snake’s body thudded to the ground at his feet-

Harry Potter Meme (x) 
↳ five deaths → Nagini (5/5)


harry potter challenge: it’s not over → scenery porn

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I am not your enemy, your enemy is beside you. Your enemy steals and murders your children. Your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering, and commands. I do not bring you commands. I bring you a choice. And I bring your enemies what they deserve.”


List of things Jaime has thrown out a window.
1. Bran
2. His character development

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